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LX8 Projection WhiteboardLX8 Projection Porcelain
LX8 Projection Whiteboard
LX8 Porcelain Whiteboard - Edge Detail

LX8 Slimline Porcelain Projection Whiteboard

Lead time 3-4 weeks

$ 0.00


LX8 Slimline Porcelain Projection Whiteboard

LX8 Slim edge minimalist frame 

60% Less glare reflection than standard Porcelain boards

Magnetic Surface

Optional Pen tray

Can be mounted landscape or portrait

Designed and installed with no visible fixing

Low profile 4mm edge board

Can be butt joined side by side

Fixed solid projection screen that you can write on

25 Year warranty

# Recommended if your needs are 80% projection and 20% writing




LX8-1512-P - 1500 x 1200mm

LX8-1812-P - 1800 x 1200mm

LX8-2012-P - 2000 x 1200mm

LX8-2412-P - 2400 x 1200mm * Check access

LX8-3012-P - 3000 x 1200mm * Check access

*Check your building access for larger boards



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