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Executive Insert Signs

Lead Time 3-4 weeks

$ 0.00


Executive Insert Signs


Grooved felt background 

6.35mm spacing 

Plastic letters slide into grooves 

Changeable sign 

6 felt colours  

(Burgundy, Emerald, Green, Royal Blue, Grey, Black, Brown) 

Sold separately Letters and number packs in White 

Letter and number sizes 15mm 19mm and 28mm





EXINS6045- 600 x 450mm

EXINS7560 - 750 x 600mm 

EXINS9060 - 900 x 600mm 

EXINS9090 - 900 x 900mm 

EXINS1290 - 1200 x 900mm 

EXINS1212 - 1200 x 1200mm

EXINS1590 - 1500 x 900mm

EXINS1512 - 1500 x 1200mm 

EXINS1812 - 1800 x 1200mm 

EXINS2412 - 2400 x 1200mm



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