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SWEC2000 - Black Ripple
SWEC1850 - Black Ripple
SWEC1020 - Black Ripple
SWEC2000 - Blaze Blue
SWEC1850 - Blaze Blue
SWEC1020 - Blaze Blue
SWEC2000 - Burgundy
SWEC1850 - Burgundy
SWEC1020 - Burgundy
SWEC2000 - Charcoal
SWEC1850 - Charcoal
SWEC1020 - Charcoal
SWEC2000 - Graphite Ripple
SWEC1850 - Graphite Ripple
SWEC1020 - Graphite Ripple
SWEC2000 - Lemon Yellow
SWEC1850 - Lemon Yellow
SWEC1020 - Lemon Yellow
SWEC2000 - Light Grey
SWEC2000 - Light Grey OPEN
SWEC1850 - Light Grey
SWEC1020 - Light Grey
SWEC2000 - Orange X15
SWEC1850 - Orange X15
SWEC1020 - Orange X15
SWEC2000 - Silver Pearl
SWEC1850 - Silver Pearl
SWEC1020 - Silver Pearl
SWEC2000 - Signal Red
SWEC1850 - Signal Red
SWEC1020 - Signal Red
SWEC2000 - Wedgewood
SWEC1850 - Wedgewood
SWEC1020 - Wedgewood
SWEC2000 - White Birch
SWEC1850 - White Birch
SWEC1020 - White Birch
SWEC 2000 - Wild Oats
SWEC1850 - Wild Oats
SWEC 1020 - Wild Oats
SWEC2000 - White
SWEC1850 - White
SWEC1020 - White

Statewide Stationery Cabinet - Economy

Lead Time 1-4 Weeks

$ 0.00


Statewide Stationery Cabinet - Economy

The economy stationery cupboards are suitable to store all your office needs.  The cupboards are built to a high level of finish and would complement any office.

Australian Made

100% recyclable Australian Bluescope steel

Flush mount 3 point locking

Fully welded one piece body for increased strength and durability

Durable powdercoat finish

Lifetime Warranty 



SWEC1020: 1020mmHx900mmWx450mmD

SWEC1850: 1850mmHx900mmWx450mmD

SWEC2000: 2000mmHx900mmWx450mmD


Multiple locking system options

Locks can be keyed alike

Dual or multi colours options


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