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Deluxe Stationery CupboardsDeluxe Stationery Cupboards
Deluxe Stationery Cupboards
SWC66 - Black Ripple
SWC6 - Black Ripple
SWCCH - Black Ripple
SWC66 - Blaze Blue
SWC6 - Blaze Blue
SWCCH - Blaze Blue
SWC66 - Burgundy
SWC6 - Burgundy
SWCCH - Burgundy
SWC66 - Charcoal
SWC6 - Charcoal
SWCCH - Charcoal
SWC66 - White
SWC66 - White
SWCCH - White
SWC66 - Graphite Ripple
SWC6 - Graphite Ripple
SWCCH - Graphite Ripple
SWC66 - Lemon Yellow
SWC6 - Lemon Yellow
SWCCH - Lemon Yellow
SWC66 - Light Grey
SWC66 - Light Grey OPEN
SWC6 - Light Grey
SWC6 - Light Grey OPEN
SWCCH - Light Grey
SWCCH - Light Grey OPEN
SWC66 - Orange X15
SWC6 - Orange X15
SWCCH - Orange X15
SWC66 - Silver Pearl
SWC6 - Silver Pearl
SWCCH - Silver Pearl
SWC66 - Signal Red
SWC6 - Signal Red
SWCCH - Signal Red
SWC66 - Wedgewood
SWC6 - Wedgewood
SWCCH - Wedgewood
SWC66 - White Birch
SWC6 - White Birch
SWCCH - White Birch
SWC66 - Wild Oats
SWC6 - Wild Oats
SWCCH - Wild Oats

Statewide Stationery Cabinet - Deluxe

Lead Time 1-4 weeks

$ 0.00


Statewide Stationery Cabinet - Deluxe

The stationery cupboard has been designed to store anything from general office stationery to parts and tools.  The cupboards are built to a high level of finish and match the filing cabinet.

Australian Made

100% recyclable Australian Bluescope steel

Magnetic door catches

Easy shelf adjustment without clips

Full height recessed handle

Three point locking system

Fully enclosed base

Concealed hinges

Rivet less construction

Durable powdercoat finish

Lifetime Warranty 


SWCCH | 1020H x 900W x 450D - 2 shelves

SWC6 | 1850H x 900W x 450D - 3 shelves

SWC66 | 2000H x 900W x 450D - 4 shelves


Multiple locking system options

Locks can be keyed alike

Dual colour and multi colour options


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