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The Eternity Meeting & Boardroom Table range is a versatile and stylish solution for furnishing your office space. It seamlessly complements the Eternity Workstation range, ensuring a cohesive and professional aesthetic from the general office to the boardroom. Here’s a detailed overview of the features and benefits:

Key Features:

Variety of Sizes: 

Five Size Options: The Eternity Meeting & Boardroom Table range is available in five different sizes to accommodate various room dimensions and seating requirements, making it suitable for both small meetings and larger conferences.

Design and Style:

Splayed Legs: Featuring a stylish 60mm x 30mm powder-coated splayed leg design, these tables add a modern and sleek look to any office environment.

Powder-Coated Finish: The durable powder-coated finish ensures longevity and resistance to wear and tear, maintaining a polished appearance over time.

Complementary Range:

Matches Workstations: The tables are designed to match the Eternity Workstation range, allowing for a consistent and unified look throughout the office.

Versatile Aesthetic: Suitable for various office settings, from open-plan workspaces to formal boardrooms, providing flexibility in office design.

Functional and Practical:

Ample Workspace: Each table size offers a generous surface area for meetings, presentations, and collaborative work.

Sturdy Construction: The robust leg design and high-quality materials ensure stability and support for all your office needs.


Cohesive Office Design:

Uniform Style: By furnishing your office with the Eternity Furniture Range, you create a consistent and professional appearance that flows seamlessly from individual workstations to meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Elegant and Modern: The sleek, modern design of the Eternity tables and workstations enhances the overall aesthetic of the office, making it an inviting and impressive space for employees and visitors alike.

The Eternity Meeting & Boardroom Table range offers a stylish, cohesive, and practical solution for furnishing your entire office. With its modern design, durable construction, and versatility, it is an excellent choice for creating a unified and professional office environment.

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